Themed party "Armenian Town"

Main idea: To make the guests feel like true residents of a medieval Armenian town in a castle (Voskevaz Winery)

Number of people: 50
Program:- Costume party
- Fortune-telling through the art of reading coffee grounds (Caffeomancy)
- Master classes on coin minting, carpet embroidery, cooking traditional Armenian dishes.
- Rope walkers, Armenian dances, fire shows, live music bands
- Photo zone offering instant photos printed on pomegranate wine bottles

Aims and objectives of the event:To host an exciting party that showcases the unique charm and hospitality of Armenian culture
Camping trip to the mountains for the top management of the company MyGames
Main idea:
The guests stayed in tents, and the camping conditions were designed to be as authentic as possible. Access to the 'Lastiver' campsite is possible only by foot or via off-road vehicles, requiring the crossing of 12 mountain rivers

Number of people: 25
Program:- Personalized VIP meet and greet with guests
- Strategy session
- Gala dinner in a la carte format in the cave
- Off-Road adventure
- breakfast with real shepherds
- Master class on shish kebab and pilaf cooking, held high in the mountains amidst the wilderness
- Guitar songs
- Screening of the final adventure video on bedsheets

Aims and objectives of the event:- To acquaint managers from all companies within the group and its divisions, who live and work globally
- Team building through an adventure in the mountains, tailored to specific goals and objectives, featuring characters from the games created by the company
- Incentive-based rewards for participants
- Communicating the company's goals and objectives to all participants during the strategic session
Brunch on a raft, themed in the style of Noah's Ark, with costumes
Main idea:The objective was to astonish our most sophisticated clients. Thus, a simple visit to Lake Sevan was transformed into a spectacular show. We proposed renting a raft on Lake Sevan, which we entirely revamped into 'Noah's Ark'. The waiters were dressed in traditional robes. In our version of Noah's Ark, we included an enclosure with animals. Special attention was given to the menu, featuring the renowned delicacy of Sevan crayfish. Additionally, 'Noah' himself, dressed in costume as the honoree, actively entertained the guests

Number of people: 50
Animation by presenters
Buffet featuring Sevan crayfish and various Armenian delicacies.
Decoration of the raft in the 'Noah's Ark' style.
Enclosure with real animals

Aims and objectives of the event:To enjoy a vibrant and atmospheric raft ride on Lake Sevan, feeling like members of Noah's Ark

Выездной инсентив в горах Армении
Основная идея:

Кол-во человек: 70


Rosatom Атомная Елка
Основная идея:
После насыщенных нескольких дней конференций и поездок по стране была проведена гала-ужин в аутентичном пространстве "Фабрика Ковров". Вся территория была застроена под мероприятие

Кол-во человек: 400

- Конференция и телемост
- Праздничный фуршет
- Тимбилдинговые игры и конкурсы от ведущего
- Караоке
- Дискатека
- Кальянная вечеринка

Цели и задачи мероприятия:
Собрать всех вместе в одном городе для празднования годовщины компании, а также транслировать все цели, задачи и изменения в компании

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